How to tether ATT Fuse phone without incurring a new plan

I came across this article on how to tether the AT&T Fuse phone after hooking it up and realizing that I could not tether it.

Thanks to the XDA team for figuring this out!

HTTP crawl, Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) crawl and Exchange crawl do not work correctly in Windows 7

I came across this article today for Windows 7 and SharePoint. Make sure you get the hotfix installed!

setup auto reply for a distribution group

I was doing some research on setting up auto reply’s for a email distribution group for Exchange 2007. I came across this really good article at . One thing to note, if you want the auto reply to work from outside the organization, make sure in Exchange hub transport to select under the remote […]

Running applications as a service on Windows 2008 or SBS 2008

Recently I was presented a challenge of making an application run as a service. That part is usually not to hard, we can use the free Windows NT Resource Kit utilities and SRVANY.EXE to accomplish this. Many great how to’s have been written on this, and I will include links at the end to some […]

What ports do you open for Quickbooks on Windows servers?

This comes up a lot in my field, here is a great link to the offical Quickbooks site:

And for what permissions to set on the folders, see