How to create local accounts via Group Policy

How to create local accounts via Group Policy

This step by step document shows how to create a local admin account across all domain joined PC’s for use with situations like LogMein remote support and notebooks, which are not always connected to the domain.

1. Open Group Policy Management

2. Create a new Group […]

Running applications as a service on Windows 2008 or SBS 2008

Recently I was presented a challenge of making an application run as a service. That part is usually not to hard, we can use the free Windows NT Resource Kit utilities and SRVANY.EXE to accomplish this. Many great how to’s have been written on this, and I will include links at the end to some […]

SBS 2008/Windows Server 2008 mail getting stuck in outbound queue

I ran into a strange issue on a SBS 2008 box with relation to mail flow. I was noticing that mail being sent to outside companies is stuck in the Queue. Not all mail, but a lot of it. When looking at the “Last Error” in the Queue Viewer, I notice most of those connections […]

How to generate a kernel or complete memory dump file in Windows Server 2008

I came across this new article today from Microsoft, and it is very imformative.

Disable SMB 2.0 on Windows Server 2008

Today I was troubleshooting an issue with an old legacy application that requires opportunistic locking to be disabled on the server. After doing some research, I discovered, that, if you disable opportunistic locking on the server, If you disable opportunistic locking, the offline files feature in Windows Vista fails. This could be a really bad […]

Troubleshooting a legacy application with UAC

Today I was troubleshooting an application that would not install or work in Vista with UAC mode. I looked at MSI logs, and could not figure out why it was happening. I ended up turning off UAC and the application installed correctly and worked fine. I then wanted to know, what is UAC doing causing […]