What ports do you need open for SEP manager to communicate?

If you are setting up SEP, Symantec End Point Protection, make sure you open ports 9090, 8014 and 8443 to avoid any communication issues by default.

Removal instructions for SEP 11

Recently, I have been working a lot with SEP, also known as Symantec End Point Protection, whch is really a great product for protecting the network and computers from virus’s, and other malware. It also has a whole host of features to control your staff from getting into trouble at work. While troubleshooting an issue, […]

How to generate a kernel or complete memory dump file in Windows Server 2008

I came across this new article today from Microsoft, and it is very imformative.

Office 2007 OEM and Terminal Server

On a Windows 2008 terminal server, each time I install Office 2007 OEM in it, and then run the application, I get the error “This feature is not available. For more information, contact your system administrator.

This is a very generic error. I made sure that I used the command change user […]

OEM Office now available to be downloaded

When we manufacture computers for our customers, we generally sell them with a copy of Microsoft Office, however, since 2007, Office stopped shipping with physical media. I am not sure why Microsoft did not want to ship a CD (I don’t think they cost that much to produce) but they did. We sometimes get a […]

How to enable relaying for local machines or devices on SBS 2008

I often have to configure SBS 2008 (Exchange 2007) to allow mail to relay from devices like APC UPS’s, network switches, copiers and other devices or programs on the local SBS SMTP server. This is not always suggested as if you get a virus on the network or bot, it can start sending all kinds […]

Don’t fire your employee’s, fire your servers!

Last month, I was invited to attend a four day training at Intel’s Hillsboro Oregon campus for a program that is called NPW (New Platform Workshop). Every time Intel comes out with a whole new platform, they select key partners to come and train on the new platforms. The new platform I received training on […]