How to enable relaying for external clients on SBS 2008/2011 and or Exchange 2007/2010 with different sending email address’s

I sometimes come across customers that would like to relay email through their Exchange Sever from external clients and maybe use a different sending address.  Here is how I configure this.

First, we will create a new receive connector via the Exchange Powershell. To do so, open up the Exchange Management Shell (powershell)

Once […]

Internal event: Active Directory has encountered the following exception and associated parameters.

Today I was performing a migration from SBS 2003 to SBS 2011. I performed all the checks and ensured I had all the updates in place. During the migration the SBS 2011 server failed the migration. Upon further investigation I noticed that only 1 role transferred over from the old DC to the new one. […]

Windows Server Solutions BPA Updated September 2011 but is not prompting for update

Microsoft released an update this week for the Windows Server Solutions BPA that covers a number of products, including:

Small Business Server 2011 Standard Edition Small Business Server 2011 Essentials Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials Windows MultiPoint Server 2011

More information about this update is available on the Official SBS Blog page at


Android update gives more features with Exchange EAS

Today my wife updated her Sprint Samsung Transform phone with the latest Android OS. I have been waiting for Sprint to push out this update as I found a very strange bug in the base OS that was shipped with the phone in November 2010.

For a list of versions and when they were shipped, […]

The User accounts cannot be added into GroupPolicy ‘AllSBSUsers’ SBS 2011

I began seeing this error on a migrated SBS 2011 Standard server in the event log Microsoft-Windows-Small Business Server/Operational section



In order to identify what originally happened in the migration, I went to C:\Program Files\Windows Small Business Server\Logs and viewed errors.log file. In this file, it showed ConfigureGP: Windows Small Business […]

SBS 2011 Change Folder Permissions causes SBS Console to crash and RWA view folders provides error

Today I was troubleshooting a strange issue in the SBS 2011 Console. When I select Shared Folders from the SBS 2011 Console and click on Change Folder Permissions

the SBS Console crashes with Windows SBS 2011 Standard Console has stopped working, as shown below


After troubleshooting for several hours with Microsoft […]

SBS 2011 setup or migration fails

Today I did my first SBS 2003 to SBS 2011 Standard migration. I did all the checks, BPA’s, and every other best practice I have learned over the years including reading Susan’s blog at . Everything on the source server looked great. I created my answer file, and started the migration installation. Everything seemed […]