Microsoft Outlook 2013 hangs on processing for up to an hour

Recently I discovered an issue with Lenovo T430U notebooks having an issue where when you launch Microsoft Outlook 2013 it would just sit on the blue splash screen stating “Processing”.  After capturing a lot of logs and being really stumped, I reached out the Microsoft support team. Here was the solution that was provided:

Disable […]

Cloud Docs and Facebook?

Recently, Microsoft launched a new beta site at . Although I am still trying to figure out what Docs has to do with Facebook, I see that Microsoft is leveraging Office Apps 2010, which is tightly integrated with SharePoint 2010 as well.

If you have not tried out the new Office […]

Office 2010 confusion

As Office 2010 has just launched publicly, I had a customer contact me today trying to understand why his new PC he purchased from us has Office 2010 but doesn’t come with Office Web Apps 2010.

The reason for this is Microsoft has two different product lines. One is for Small Business/Home, […]

Microsoft Office 2010 new licensing programs


As we prepare to begin shipping the newest release of Microsoft Office 2010 on our PC’s, we wanted to point out some of the new licensing changes in this version. This does not apply to software assurance customers or volume licensing, only OEM (on Pre-built computers by us or other OEM’s/system builders).

With […]

Office 2010 – The Movie

I was watching something rather funny today, I will admit, it’s pretty geeky, but I am a geek, so I liked it.

OEM Office now available to be downloaded

When we manufacture computers for our customers, we generally sell them with a copy of Microsoft Office, however, since 2007, Office stopped shipping with physical media. I am not sure why Microsoft did not want to ship a CD (I don’t think they cost that much to produce) but they did. We sometimes get a […]

Troubleshooting Outlook 2007 Add-ins

Working in Outlook 2007 today, I was trying to troubleshoot an issue with an add-in that was causing weird issues with Outlook. I first disabled the item, and Outlook came up and said the item was causing some issues and did I want to disable it. I thought, well, yeah, I just disabled it in […]