Office 365 is down for over 3 hours causing business disruption

Well Microsoft’s new Office 365 solution goes down causing business disruption. Sometimes I wonder if this cloud nonsense is just another bad joke.


What is the correct model number?

Today we received a batch of new Seagate Enterprise hard disks, which should have been model ST2000NM0011. It looks like someone in the label department in Thailand made a mistake, as the model number is shown with a 1 (1TB) and a 2 (2TB). After plugging it in, it was detected as a 1TB drive. […]

White House wants to impose tougher penalties for software piracy

The White House is currently reviewing a new set of much tougher laws for software piracy, including jail time of up to 20 years. There are several other items in this list of recommendations that do not pertain to software, like drug offenses, but all fall in the intellectual property category. If you want […]

Microsoft’s Windows Live goes to WordPress

This was a shock I was not expecting. Microsoft is actually moving it’s Windows Live accounts to WordPress. There must be some logic to this from Microsoft. Probably more focused on the cloud.

Dear Windows Live Spaces customer,

We are very excited to announce our collaboration with a premier and innovative blogging service,, to […]

Mass Email Worm Outbreak: W32.Imsolk.B@mm

This just came out, Mass Email Worm Outbreak: W32.Imsolk.B@mm . Detailed information obtained from Symantec include:

Symantec Security Response has observed a global mass mailer worm spreading and affecting hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide. This appears to be a new attack – likely originating from a botnet – however, it is similar to the […]

Internet Explorer 9


Ah, tomorrow. 

Drive Savers hard disk crash demo

I found a rather interesting demo on how a hard disk works, and how it can crash as well. This link, provided by Drive Savers. Check out the SSD Failure, that one is my favorite!

Junction Points in Windows Vista/7

Have you ever noticed when you browse your profile that folders like history, Application Data and Temporary Internet Files have shortcuts instead of actual folders?


These are called Junction Points. This technology was introduced in NTFS 3.0 but were not used for mainstream use until Windows Vista, as well noted at […]

The case of a full hard disk

Today I was working on a clients computer with a strange problem. It had a 80GB hard disk, and very few applications installed on it but the disk was almost full. What was even stranger, was the data was being stored on the server. As this was a very old Windows XP machine, I thought […]

Free software downloads

During this Thanksgiving week, I was having a discussion with a friend of mine on the future of software and pricing. Somehow, during the conversation, a website came up I had not seen before, called Giveaway of the Day, at . It is rather interesting, as it allows you to download full versions of […]