How to enable relaying for external clients on SBS 2008/2011 and or Exchange 2007/2010 with different sending email address’s

I sometimes come across customers that would like to relay email through their Exchange Sever from external clients and maybe use a different sending address.  Here is how I configure this.

First, we will create a new receive connector via the Exchange Powershell. To do so, open up the Exchange Management Shell (powershell)

Once […]

Group Policy folder redirection generates Error, The system call level is not correct.

Recently I was working on a client who is setup with a SBS 2008 server and workstations running Windows 7 Professional SP1. I noticed that when a particular user would login it would take upwards of 10 minutes for the welcome screen to go away and the desktop to be displayed.

As part of the […]

Android update gives more features with Exchange EAS

Today my wife updated her Sprint Samsung Transform phone with the latest Android OS. I have been waiting for Sprint to push out this update as I found a very strange bug in the base OS that was shipped with the phone in November 2010.

For a list of versions and when they were shipped, […]

The SBSMonitoring database is nearing maximum size on SBS 2008

Have you received this error? The SBSMonitoring database is nearing maximum size on SBS 2008.

I was getting this on a SBS 2008 server running the SBS BPA. From the error message, it’s pretty clear that the SBSMonitoring database is too large to work normally. There is a fix for this […]

The site-wide public folder database for administrative group ‘first administrative group’ has been deleted after migrating to Exchange 2007 from Exchange 2000 or 2003

After migrating a SBS 2003 server to a SBS 2008, a good practice is to run not only the SBS 2008 BPA but also the Exchange 2007 BPA built into the Exchange Management Console. In this case, the SBS BPA revealed no issues, but Exchange did. In the Exchange BPA, it was showing


How to create local accounts via Group Policy

How to create local accounts via Group Policy

This step by step document shows how to create a local admin account across all domain joined PC’s for use with situations like LogMein remote support and notebooks, which are not always connected to the domain.

1. Open Group Policy Management

2. Create a new Group […]

Symantec Premium Anti-spam fails to detect spam or performs poorly on Windows Server 2008 Small Business Edition.

I came across this issue this weekend. According to Symantec, this seems to only affect SBS 2008 servers, but also could affect regular Exchange 2007 servers as well. Here is how to fix this issue:


To disable Exchange anti-spam agents:

Open the Exchange Management console. Navigate to Organization Configuration -> Hub Transport in the […]

End of Life for EBS

Microsoft announced the end of EBS today

I remember when it came out in October 2008 with SBS 08 launched. That was only 1 1/2 years ago. It was a great concept, very similar to BackOffice was in 2000.

Microsoft did re enforce it’s backing of SBS thought, which is great!


Running applications as a service on Windows 2008 or SBS 2008

Recently I was presented a challenge of making an application run as a service. That part is usually not to hard, we can use the free Windows NT Resource Kit utilities and SRVANY.EXE to accomplish this. Many great how to’s have been written on this, and I will include links at the end to some […]

SBS 2008/Windows Server 2008 mail getting stuck in outbound queue

I ran into a strange issue on a SBS 2008 box with relation to mail flow. I was noticing that mail being sent to outside companies is stuck in the Queue. Not all mail, but a lot of it. When looking at the “Last Error” in the Queue Viewer, I notice most of those connections […]