Fixing Schema Attributes from a damaged Exchange 2010 SchemaPrep

Recently I ran into quite a large issue of trying to fix event ID 1851 from Directory Service. The error that it kept stating was

The AttributeID value for the following attribute duplicates the AttributeID value for the following existing attribute.   Attribute: msDS-GeoCoordinatesAltitude1 (8ceffc83, 90887) Existing attribute: msDS-GeoCoordinatesAltitude (90887, 90887)   Both attributes […]

Windows Server 2012 Fax crashes when sending a fax. Event ID 1001

Recently I was migrating a client from Windows SBS 2008 to Windows Server 2012 R2. One of the applications they used was the Microsoft Fax Service for sending out an occasional fax. Once I added the Fax Role and attempted to send a fax, I noticed that the fax would make a phone call, ring […]