Office 2007 hotfix packages October 2009

The latest hotfix package from Microsoft of Office 2007 set of core packages.

Change your default browser on Windows Mobile 6

Today I installed an application on my HTC phone which is running Windows Mobile 6.1; in order to use the application correctly, I needed to use Internet Explorer as my broswer. My phone comes default with Internet Explorer and Oprah browser installed, however Oprah is the default browser. After searching all over the phone to […]

Upgrade to Windows 7 Enterprise from Windows Vista Ultimate

I had to do an upgrade of Windows Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Enterprise today. While I made the attempt to upgrade this OS, I got an error message that you can’t do this type of upgrade. I am not saying that the Microsoft license legally allows this, but in this perticular case the original […]

good source of free AV rescue ISO

Today I was working on a really nasty virus that got onto a Windows XP machine, bypassing the Symantec Anti-Virus program and installing a root kit as well. Once installed, it owned the machine, blocking any removal tools from running in safe mode or regular mode. What a nightmare. My thought was to use a […]

Windows CSC Cache

Today we had a client that had files that were stored on the CSC cache because of sync issues, and they needed to be recovered. I had previously used the CSC tool, but as the last time I used it, you had to call Microsoft to get an updated version. After doing some searching, I […]