Android update gives more features with Exchange EAS

Today my wife updated her Sprint Samsung Transform phone with the latest Android OS. I have been waiting for Sprint to push out this update as I found a very strange bug in the base OS that was shipped with the phone in November 2010.

For a list of versions and when they were shipped, […]

How to tether ATT Fuse phone without incurring a new plan

I came across this article on how to tether the AT&T Fuse phone after hooking it up and realizing that I could not tether it.

Thanks to the XDA team for figuring this out!

Testing mail for Windows Mobile Smartphones

Recently I had the opportunity to troubleshoot a Windows Smartphone not connecting to an Exchange Server. Every time I attempted to sync it, it would fail. I ensured I had the certificates installed properly, but I was getting nowhere. Eventually I ended up figuring it out, but I wanted to highlight some of the tools […]

AT&T ICS seems to not be working

Today I updated a Windows Mobile 8900 (TILT) to Windows Mobile 6.1. After doing so, I noticed that Internet Connection Sharing was gone from the menus. Not a problem though, I went to the Windows Folder using the built in File Browser and found the program. I went ahead and made a shortcut to it […]