Testing mail for Windows Mobile Smartphones

Recently I had the opportunity to troubleshoot a Windows Smartphone not connecting to an Exchange Server. Every time I attempted to sync it, it would fail. I ensured I had the certificates installed properly, but I was getting nowhere. Eventually I ended up figuring it out, but I wanted to highlight some of the tools […]

Self sending Spam from your own company

I came across this article from Henrik Walther that explains to stop spam coming in to your organization an acting like it is being sent inside.


It seems like our organization are hit by self-sending spam these days. Spam where * is used as the sender address, which means the messages are seen […]

Best Practices for SBS 2008 running on Hyper-V

I was doing some research for a client today who wanted to run SBS 2008 in a Hyper-V environment along with other servers running in VM’s. I came across a great article on this that I think will really help for future deployments:

Adding a x86 print driver to a x64 print server

Have you ever tried to add an additional print driver on a Windows 2008 x64 server? If so, you know how it pretty much can’t be done. Here is my recommended way to add x86 drivers for say Windows XP, etc..

1. On any one of the clients machine running 32-bit OS.

2. […]

Stopping the hackers from other countries

Recently I got a call from one of my customers complaining about user accounts not able to login to the server. After doing some digging in the event log, I soon discovered that FTP was setup, which they use, and outside people from other countries that were not invited to the server were attempting to […]

552 5.3.4 Message size exceeds fixed maximum message size

Have you run into this error on a Exchange 2007 server, or a SBS 2008 box? While working on a clients network this week, I ran into it. After doing some research, a simple modification needs to be made. Open up a Powershell and use the command Set-ReceieveConnector –identity “Default [servername]” –maxmessagesize 20MB

This […]

Document Redirection common mistakes

Often, I run into a common issue where document redirection is not working properly on a Windows XP or Vista workstation. This happens on Windows 2003 & Windows 2008 Server and SBS flavors. The common fix I find is by following this Microsoft article, at

SBS 2008 RWW and Terminal server Gateway services

I was reading through the Cougar beta newsgroups and came across this setup for putting Icons into RWW for terminal services applications.

Internally we have http://cougar-ts/ts and the Calc and WordPad fire upwith no issues. I have another app installed but it looks as though itwill need some customizing to get running. How do […]

interesting website I came across from another SBSer

I was reading some postings today and came across this person’s website. it is quite interesting about SBS 2008 and especially on SharePoint. Here is the link

Error you get on SBS 2008 when trying to make a new GPO

While working with SBS 2008, I encountered this error while trying to create a new GPO:

“The data present in the reparse buffer point is invalid”

And then it just drops you back to the GPO editor, not letting you create the new GPO. after doing some research, I found this issue is […]