Microsoft launches Windows 7 Upgrade Option for OEMs

Today Microsoft started a new program for customers that buy PC’s with Windows Vista installed. From now till January 31st, 2010, this program is effective.

If you purchase:

Windows Vista Home Premium you will get Windows 7 Home Premium Windows Vista Business you will get Windows 7 Professional Windows Vista […]

SBS 2008/Windows Server 2008 mail getting stuck in outbound queue

I ran into a strange issue on a SBS 2008 box with relation to mail flow. I was noticing that mail being sent to outside companies is stuck in the Queue. Not all mail, but a lot of it. When looking at the “Last Error” in the Queue Viewer, I notice most of those connections […]

Frustrations with BlackBerry documentation

I was setting up a new Blackberry Professional Server today for a client and I was following the detailed instructions provided by Blackberry at . After wondering why the Blackberry would get stuck on “Activating” for over 20 minutes, I called the carrier and verified the customer had the enterprise plan as this is […]

Remote control for Windows and Macs

Today I was shown this cool tool used for remote support and also for screen sharing. The best part is, it is free!

It appears to work with Macs and PC’s.

Installing APC Network Management Card

When installing a APC network management card,there are a couple of things to note for an easy install. 1. Open up the Windows Firewall port’s 6547 TCP and 3052 UDP. 2. The default passphase is “admin user phrase”

If you are just needing to install the PowerCute Business Edition 7.xx (8.xx doesn’t come with all […]