AT&T ICS seems to not be working

Today I updated a Windows Mobile 8900 (TILT) to Windows Mobile 6.1. After doing so, I noticed that Internet Connection Sharing was gone from the menus. Not a problem though, I went to the Windows Folder using the built in File Browser and found the program. I went ahead and made a shortcut to it so I could find it easier in the future, and then clicked on it. But when it ran, it would not connect. I found that to be quite weird, so out came Google.

After doing some research, here is what I did to make it work:

Went into settings, then Connections, then Connections, Add a new mobile connection, I gave it a name and selected Cellular Line (GPRS- 3G), and then in the access point name, entered in wap.cingular , when ahead and hit next, left all the fields blank, and then finish.

Now start up ICS again, select the new connection, and then connect. Poof, it worked!

While doing some research, I was looking for a registry editor for Windows Mobile 6.1, and I found a really neat one at – Very cool tool, and you run it from your PC so you can read the screen easily!

Also, take a look at this article for doing something even cooler, take a look at this

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