OEM Office now available to be downloaded

When we manufacture computers for our customers, we generally sell them with a copy of Microsoft Office, however, since 2007, Office stopped shipping with physical media. I am not sure why Microsoft did not want to ship a CD (I don’t think they cost that much to produce) but they did. We sometimes get a request from a customer who is reformatting their PC that they need the Office media to reinstall. If you open the package you will see an insert that says you have 90 days from the time you bought it to submit a fee and order the actual media via the postal service. Most people I know don’t like to wait, so this is never a good option. I believe that Microsoft heard the message loud and clear and now has a URL that you can download the media from.



Make sure you do this within 90 days, as the 90 day rule still applies. A even better idea is to add Microsoft Software Assurance to the product within 90 days, then you will be eligible to get Office 2010 when it comes out without needing to spend any more money on the product! In Fact, Microsoft has now extended the time to get this to 180 days for Office Small Business Edition and Professional.

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