Testing mail for Windows Mobile Smartphones

Recently I had the opportunity to troubleshoot a Windows Smartphone not connecting to an Exchange Server. Every time I attempted to sync it, it would fail. I ensured I had the certificates installed properly, but I was getting nowhere. Eventually I ended up figuring it out, but I wanted to highlight some of the tools I used to troubleshoot it.

The first one is setting up a device emulator to simulate a Windows Mobile phone. This a great tool to use as you don’t even need a real phone, just a PC and a network connection. For detailed instructions on doing this, please take a look at

The second tool I used is the Microsoft site to test Microsoft Exchange connectivity. You can access it at This is a really great tool, but be warned, if you are using a private certificate, it will fail, not because the certificate is bad, but it has no way to validate a private certificate.

The third tool that I recommend if you want to test on the mobile phone, is a tool that let’s you control the phone from your PC. This is a really nifty tool and is free as well. You can get it at

Good Luck!

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