Troubleshooting Outlook 2007 Add-ins

Working in Outlook 2007 today, I was trying to troubleshoot an issue with an add-in that was causing weird issues with Outlook. I first disabled the item, and Outlook came up and said the item was causing some issues and did I want to disable it. I thought, well, yeah, I just disabled it in com Add-ins, but sure, why not do it twice.

Trying to re-enable it was another story.

I went into tools, Trust center, add-ins, and then saw the item was disabled. I went ahead and selected the go button to manage the COM Add-ins, and then selected it and hit ok… well no dice, I still couldn’t re-enable it.

After many hours of troubleshooting, I came across this article: which lead me in the right direction. So to fix it, open outlook, then go to help, then disabled items, and select the item and re-enable it. Exit Outlook and restart, and poof, it works!

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