SBS 2008 RWW and Terminal server Gateway services

I was reading through the Cougar beta newsgroups and came across this setup for putting Icons into RWW for terminal services applications.

Internally we have http://cougar-ts/ts and the Calc and WordPad fire up
with no issues. I have another app installed but it looks as though it
will need some customizing to get running. How do I post it to the RWW so that Internet users can get the apps too

1. Export the apps as RDP files
2. Save the RDP files to the path where RWW is hosted on the SBS server
3. Add the RDP MIME type to IIS on the SBS server
4. Add links to the RDP files using the wizard in the SBS console

I hope this works on production machines!

To revise that, what I did was:

1. On the SBS2008 server, i created a mime type of .rdp and set the application type to application/x-rdp

I also researched and found that you can set the mime type to application/rdp but I didn’t try it.

2. I setup the applications on the Terminal Server, and then exported them to .rdp files which I will use to put on RWW. So the next step is copy the files to:
C:\Program Files\Windows Small Business Server\Bin\webapp\SBS Web Applications

3. Now launch the Windows SBS Console, and select users, then on the right side select Manage Desktop Links Gadgets. Go down to Organizational links, then add the FQDN URL, i.e.

4. One last thing I recommend, is modifying the .RDP file to include the following settings:

full address:s:TERM2008.internalFQDN.local <– modify to your settings, but make sure to point to the Term server <– modify this to point to your terminal server EXTERNAL GATEWAY (SBS server, not the TERMINAL SERVER!!!)

domain:s:INTERNALNETBIOSNAME <–put in the internal NETBios name

prompt for credentials on client:i:1


That should do it!


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