Intel Vpro

My company has been selling the Intel Vpro motherboards for the last three years. I have barely dived into how it all works, and much more importantly, utilizing this cool technology. I came across this community site tonight at Intel that just jump started me into a whole new learning path. I also came […]

Fix My Network wizard (FNCW) Fails to Fix the Exchange SMTP Connectors in SBS 2008

Fix My Network wizard (FNCW) Fails to Fix the Exchange SMTP Connectors in SBS 2008=================================================================================This post discusses an issue we have found with the FNCW and Exchange 2007. The symptom is that you receive the following error when running the Internet Address Management Wizard: “The wizard cannot configure Exchange e-mail for your domain. To correct […]

Troubleshooting Outlook 2007 Add-ins

Working in Outlook 2007 today, I was trying to troubleshoot an issue with an add-in that was causing weird issues with Outlook. I first disabled the item, and Outlook came up and said the item was causing some issues and did I want to disable it. I thought, well, yeah, I just disabled it in […]

Troubleshooting a legacy application with UAC

Today I was troubleshooting an application that would not install or work in Vista with UAC mode. I looked at MSI logs, and could not figure out why it was happening. I ended up turning off UAC and the application installed correctly and worked fine. I then wanted to know, what is UAC doing causing […]

System State Backup in SBS 2008

[Today’s post comes to us courtesy of John Bay] The normal backup that SBS 2008 creates contains all the necessary information to restore the entire server. The normal SBS backup includes the system state data. You may wish to create a system state backup of the machine before you make critical changes to the machine […]

AT&T ICS seems to not be working

Today I updated a Windows Mobile 8900 (TILT) to Windows Mobile 6.1. After doing so, I noticed that Internet Connection Sharing was gone from the menus. Not a problem though, I went to the Windows Folder using the built in File Browser and found the program. I went ahead and made a shortcut to it […]